How to Make Work Shoes More Comfortable

How to Make Work Shoes More ComfortableThere’s no such thing as a perfect pair of shoes. But you can certainly make one that’s close enough. Every person has their own idea of what makes a great pair of shoes. No matter how much the style and design varies, the common denominator for great shoes is that they need to be as comfortable as possible.

Having a pair of shoes that looks classy and stylish is one thing, but having shoes that are comfortable and offer great support, especially for standing all day, is another.

Many shoe styles are available in the market, each with advantages for their specific purpose. There are shoes you can wear for every possible occasion.

However, when it comes to work shoes, what you need is something that’s both comfortable and durable. Protecting your feet from falling debris or any accident that might cause injury is the most important thing that your shoes should do. Aside from that, your work shoes must be able to provide comfort.

Just imagine working extended hours on a daily basis wearing uncomfortable shoes. It’s not only painful, but it also affects your posture and overall general health. This is why choosing comfortable work shoes is important.

Fortunately, there are a lot of shoes to choose from in the market. Several brands are dedicated to producing high-quality safety work shoes that are available at a reasonable price.

It definitely takes time and effort to do your own research in order to get the best safety work shoes for a good price. Hopefully you’ll be able to get hold of one.

However, no matter how great the quality of that pair of shoes is, it’s still going to wear off over time. It won’t be as sturdy and as comfortable as it once was.

Or, if you’re not lucky and end up getting a pair that’s not as comfortable as you want them to be, you can’t just throw those shoes away. Use the following remedies to make your work shoes more comfortable.

Use moleskin to prevent getting blisters.

If your work shoes are causing you pain, chafing, and giving your feet blisters, you can put pieces of moleskin in the shoe to help prevent it from getting worse. Another method is to stick the moleskin directly on your feet and remove it after you’re done wearing the shoes.

Use ball-of-foot cushions to ease the pain on your feet.

Use these when the balls of your feet start hurting at the end of the day. They’re commonly used by girls who wear high heels extensively.

They ease the pain on the balls of your feet, making your favorite heels more comfortable to wear.

Size problems

Online shopping has gotten popular since it is so convenient. People no longer have the luxury of time and energy to spare to go shopping at malls.

The issue with online ordering is there is often a sizing problem with the shoes that you receive. They could be smaller or bigger than you ordered.

The dilemma occurs when you’re not allowed to return them. You can’t just get rid of those shoes. You can try fixing the size, though. Here’s how:

  • For shoes that are too large, putting in an insole usually helps. It can also serve as extra cushioning for your feet.
  • If your find your foot slides forward often, use a heel grip to reduce slipping. It will also eliminate chafing by keeping your foot in place.
  • For shoes that are a little bit smaller than what you expected, you can stretch them out using a shoe tree. This only works for shoes that are made of leather and suede, though.
  • If the problem is that the shoes are too snug, especially in the toe area, ice can be used to stretch it out. This won’t work on shoes made of plastic and leather.

It’s always best to get the most for your money. The good thing is you can actually extend the life of your work shoes, even though they may be showing some signs of wear and tear.

These techniques will extend the wear of slightly damaged shoes.

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